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PAPPY for Peace...Watering the Grassroots!
We are Peacemaking Proactive Pittsburgh Youth...hear us roar! ROAR!!!!!!

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Here is a listing of upcoming events that PAPPY will be participating in:

March 30, 2003
Day of Resistance

All events start at Frick Park-Meet at the corner of Forbes and South Braddock.
Mass Protest Against the War! Rally and March
1:00PM Picnic for Peace (bring food to share)
2:00PM Rally
3:00PM Un-Permitted March

PAPPY members drumming for peace at the St. Patrick's Day Parade
On March 15, 2003 PAPPY and POG (Pittsburgh Organizing Group), marched in the parade as the PLA Bucket Drum Brigade.

PAPPY Benefit Events
At the moment, PAPPY is planning a benefit dinner for April 23, 2003 at St. Bede's School. All proceeds will go to PAPPY. We are also tentatively planning a benefit concert for MAy 3, 2003. Check back for more updates on both of these events.
E-mail us with any questions

Watering the Grassroots...baby...
E-mail us with any questions